People are turning into communication gluttons. A new article says your iPhone now consumes more power than your refrigerator. Our new book is advocating communication that is short, tight, and powerful. Which is one way to fight communication gluttony.


BOOK AND APP LAUNCH EVENT SEPTEMBER 12 IN KC. It’s going to be a whole new world as it will be the first time we run our Connection Storymaking Workshop using our new app.



Haven’t you been feeling this for about the past decade? Ever since the advent of blogging it’s felt more and more like people are communicating too much. Not that communication isn’t as important as ever. It’s just that there’s a greater need than ever for communication to be efficient, effective and meaningful.

What we’re teaching in our Connection Storymaker Workshop┬áis exactly that — trying to help people tell stories that are narratively tight, and humanly compelling so that less time is wasted. In a world of blah, blah, blah, telling better stories can make things a little less tedious, dull and painful.



We’re releasing our new book and app Sept. 9 and will have a big launch event in Kansas City that Thursday evening, September 12 where the three of us are going to put on a show like nothing before. It will be two actors and a director on stage for 1.5 hours filled with audience exercises and games. The following two days we’ll be running workshops with science folks from the high school to college to professional level.

It’s going to be fascinating as it will be the first time participants will be able to use our Storymaker app in the workshop for their story development work — which is gonna be exciting!