My old officemate, Mark Patterson, has a full page ad in yesterday’s NY Times.  Actually, it’s not his ad, it’s for Northeastern University.  But it’s great — an exercise in putting a human face on science, for which he is the best!

mark patterson1 mark patterson2

THE OMEGA AND ALPHA:  My old officemate, Dr. Mark Patterson, is the poster child for Northeastern University in yesterday’s NY Times.  He’s just moved there after many years at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences.  If I had to pick a favorite scientist and best teacher of all time, he’d be the guy.  And on the right is the same guy, same outfit, with me a mere 36 years ago.  My first year of graduate school at Harvard I taught an after school class for these lunatic kids in the Museum of Comparative Zoology called, “Creatures of the Deep.”  One afternoon we were looking at deep sea fish in jars when all of a sudden THE Creature of the Deep burst through the doors with a sign taped on his chest saying CREATURE OF THE DEEP.  The kids of course went insane, as you can see from this photo minutes later.  They must now all be in their 40’s.  Yeeks!