#336) The ABTshare Project

February 4th, 2014

Lots of people are putting the ABT template to use AND are finding it to be a powerful tool for finding “the narrative” in any material, BUT reading other people’s ABT’s could be valuable in gaining a deeper understanding of it’s use, THEREFORE we have created a Facebook page where everyone can share their ABT’s!


SHARE YOUR ABT’S.  Got an interesting ABT? Please post it on our new Facebook page for others to read.  Or read the ones that are posted.



Last week, in the middle of our workshop with the National Park Service folks at the NCSE someone said, “Hey, you should have a place where people can share their ABT’s.”  Which is something we had talked about last fall when we first released the app.

The more we work with the ABT, the more impressed we are with it.  Over and over again we’re finding it to be the most powerful tool for discovering the narrative spine of what you have to say.  The best way to get a feel for it’s use is simply to read a bunch of them, as you can now do at this Facebook page.

Spread the word!