Last week Skepticality, the podcast for Skeptic Magazine, posted the lengthy discussion Dorie, Brian and I had with host, Derek Colonduno.  In it we talk about “simple storytelling,” Greg the Gardener, and Dorie tells a classic story about her audition in her parents basement that landed her a part in Bobcat Goldthwaite’s “God Bless America.”


     MY FAVORITE PODCAST.  Derek Colanduno and Robynn McCarthy are great hosts.


This was my fourth time doing a podcast with Skepticality.  Starting in 2006 I did one for Flock of Dodos, then Sizzle, then Don’t Be Such a Scientist.  But this one is the best because it features a really funny guy (Brian) and a lovely actress (Dorie).

The best part is the very end when Derek makes the comparison of simple communication to chess.  Yes! That’s it.  Bingo.  It’s a fun discussion.