It’s a new world with the Connection Storymaker app. We will be using it for a number of events this fall, inviting participants to send in their stories in advance using the app.


APP-ORTUNITY AWAITS. Events using the new Connection Storymaker App are now in the works with EPA, CERF, SICB, and NABT. OMG!

– Oct. 16-17 Monterey Bay Aquarium Connection Storymaking Workshop

– Oct. 29 EPA Childhood Healthcare Conference

– Nov. 5 CERF

– Jan. 4 SICB



One of the nice features of our new Connection Storymaker app is the SHARE button that lets you email your WSP elements once you’ve input a story. We’re working on three events now with 1) National Association of Biology Teachers, 2) the keynote I will be giving at the EPA Children’s Health Conference in D.C., and 3) a special panel we’re doing on sea level rise at CERF (Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation). And also in January I will be giving the keynote at SICB and we’ll be doing stuff with the app for that as well.

For each case we’re going to be making the app downloadable for free for members, then encourage them to use it to break their stories down into the WSP Model, email them to us, then we’ll select a few to present during the sessions. What’s different about this from just the usual, “send us your stories,” is that we’re providing the two templates — the ABT and the Logline — to make sure people don’t send in long winded rambles that are hard to follow. This is what’s cool about the WSP Model — it imposes the logic and structure of story on what you have to say.

And already one person in the business community, Park Howell, has connected with what we’re saying, posting this great bit this morning about using the app to address the problem of “Zombie MBAs.”