Tell your friends — tell EVERYONE — go to the App Store and download our new CONNECTION STORYMAKER app for free for the next couple days, and have fun with it. Make up stories and email them to your friends. Input silly stories, input serious stories. Get a feel for it. It’s very easy to learn, but is limitless in its uses. Also, Andy Revkin gave us a chance to explain and demo the app in a Google Hangout on his NY Times blog Dot Earth on Monday.

HangoutTHINK OF A STORY. This is your tool to find the structure in that story. And for a limited time, it’s FREE! (kinda like until Friday) In this Google Hangout on Andy Revkin’s NY Times blog Dot Earth (chosen this year by TIME magazine in their Top 25 List) we demo the app. If you watch the video you’ll pretty much know all you need to understand how to use the app.



Time to celebrate the 300th post of The Benshi by announcing the release of our new CONNECTION STORYMAKER app! It’s been all year in the making, and is finally finished. And for a couple days, to get folks engaged, we’re making it free on the App Store for your iPhones. So go for it — I think you’ll enjoy it. Here’s a brief video to give you a feel for the app.