This is just about comical. The firm that is supposed to stand for information and innovation is supporting Grandpa Inhofe who has stood for climate cluelessness and Ludditism?


Senator James Inhofe points to the least of his concerns these days — the atmosphere.



Google’s motto is, “Don’t Be Evil.” A lot of climate folks lately feel they are going against their own beliefs.

I have a tiny feeling of connection with this issue since I interviewed Marc Morano in 2007 (for my movie, “Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy“) when he was the spokesman for Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma who has led the Senate efforts for more than a decade to stop all climate action.

Now a group of 17 Google Science Fellows have written a letter of protest (and Andy Revkin has helped call attention to their efforts) to Google boss Larry Page, asking why Google supported a July 11 fund-raiser for Inhofe. They’ve couched their argument in diplomatic language. I would have just sent a giant “WTF?” memo with a bunch of, “What in the world are you thinking, Google?” type comments.

Inhofe seems like a nice guy on a social level — kind of grandfatherly in his demeanor (a lot like climate skeptic patron saint Fred Singer). But he’s been a voice for the very worst attacks on climate science and scientists — especially Mike Mann whom I interviewed back at the start of the Benshi.

While I argue for the value of argumentation as an opportunity for broad education, there are limits. Inhofe is simply the kind of American knucklehead you end up having to apologize to the planet for (as I felt the need to do in Norway a couple years ago) — not so much whether he’s right or wrong on climate, but just because of the complete disrespect he shows for the academic world and the entire idea of using brains to make the world a better place.