Do you really need your title to end with a question mark? Is this a hard fast rule? Does a score of 72-0 for last year’s TED MED talks tell us anything on this? Is this blogpost going to consist only of questions?

Is it even possible to give a TED MED talk with a title that isn’t a question?



Ever heard of TED MED? Do you know about this division of the popular TED Talks? Did you read the excellent article in The New Yorker in July about the TED Talks? Did you catch the part in it about how extremely “hands on” the organizers are with the speakers they select? Wouldn’t you think in a group of 72 speakers there would be a few talk titles that wouldn’t end in question marks? But have you looked at the 72 talk titles from this year’s TED MED conference? Does it really seem logical that EVERY single title would be a question? Did it happen randomly that every speaker came up with their own title as a question? Or did someone mastermind it?

So what’s the title of your next talk???