How boring does global warming have to get before Obama finally appoints a Federal Task Force on Boredom? We need a Boredom Czar. We’re destroying our planet with the force of a thousand Ambien factories.

HEADLINE: PENILE ABUSE PREFERABLE TO ARGUING ABOUT CLIMATE. In this Australian video, “I Can Change Your Mind on Climate Change,” British science journalist Ben Goldacre says in reference to the topic of global warming (at 48 minutes), “I would literally rather slam my cock in the door than to get involved with this.” Ouch. That’s how boring it can get.



I just keep saying this over and over and over again. Until I bore myself. Global warming/climate change is the most god awful boring topic to ever confront the human race. I knew it ten years ago when I first starting talking to professors about it and it’s far worse today.

If there’s any nation that might possibly rescue the topic from the garbage can of total tedium I’m willing to bet it would be Australia. Here’s a film that was recently produced there — titled, “I Can Change Your Mind on Climate Change,” I started out watching it thinking I could only take about five minutes of it, but actually ended up hanging in there for the whole ride. I have to say it’s enjoyable and relatively interesting.

They do a good job of casting the two stereotypes — the bleeding heart young woman versus the cranky/angry old man. Both are great. They have them visit “the usual suspects” including my buddy Marc Morano (who is in my movie “Sizzle“), Richard Lindzen, and Bjorn Lomborg. It’s a decent film that holds your interest and shows you how hopeless the whole predicament is at the moment.

in that moment


But this is really what I mean when I say that Australians have the ability to make this stuff at least somewhat unboring. I think I would vote this short piece, punking goofball climate skeptic Lord Monckton (which has almost a half million views) as the very best piece of media on the global warming controversy to date. It’s utterly brilliant. Way to take a buffoon and play to his vanity.

I’m headed to New Zealand then Australia, spending 3 days each in Sydney, Adelaide, and Canberra. The highlight of the trip will be the Collaborate Innovate conference in Adelaide where I’ll be giving a talk and running a workshop. It’s my first time back in Australia in 24 years and all kinds of hijinx are lined up. Really looking forward to it. Especially getting back to the old Australian sense of humor and cynicism. They have such a healthy outlook on life, know how to not take themselves too seriously and drink plenty of beer along the way. Great to be going back.