Really unfortunate situation. The best available science recommends digging up the lagoon for “restoration.” A very vocal local faction opposes it and has done an impressive job of “framing” the issue on their terms, labeling the environmental groups as developers by using the “Stop the Bulldozers” slogan. Construction is set to begin on June 1. Opponents are vowing to block the bulldozers by chaining themselves to them. Tick, tick, tick.

JUDGE SPICOLI RULES. There were three surfers who ran in the last election for City Council of Malibu with one of them winning the election. He’s Skylar Peak, 27, great guy and son of the late Dusty Peak whom I interviewed in 2009 about the Marine Protected Area issue around Malibu — a very committed conservationist. (illustration from yesterday’s article in the LA Weekly)



It’s been a campaign with a great deal of distortion and misinformation. The opponents claim the construction will cause traffic nightmares,  the proponents say it will only be a couple of dump trucks making a couple of runs a day — how much traffic will that block?

Back and forth, back and forth. The environmental groups gave up on their communication efforts, so I had to as well. Now I’m just a spectator, but saddened that the truth hasn’t been communicated well. In fact, this article yesterday by the LA Weekly ends with the Mayor of Malibu saying exactly this — the science has not been communicated. Bummer, brah.