He’s the #1, very best communications resource the science and engineering world has.

Not sure the science world has ever had a more powerful popularizer than this guy. Yes, there are lots of very enthusiastic science popularizers, but none with the sheer media muscle combined with the 100% joy and enthusiasm for it all.



James Cameron is the real deal. You want to know who’s the best voice for the oceans specifically and science in general? He’s your guy. When you look at how incredibly active he continues to be, you see he’s kind of like Superman — able to descend deep oceans in a single vessel, more powerful than the entire movie industry. Look! Down in the sea! Its a fish, its a whale, no, it’s Super-Cameron!

As if making the two highest grossing movies ever — both of which were technological marvels — weren’t enough … now he’s poised to descend to the deepest depths of the oceans.

I can tell you his enthusiasm is real and is rather astounding. In 2003 I was part of a group from Scripps who met with him to look at some clips of his deep sea hydrothermal vent footage he was loaning them for an exhibit. We were warned he was very busy and could probably only manage about 15 minutes. But once he started showing clips, well … it turned into 3 hours, literally. As the scientists identified the creatures in the footage and told him about the science, he got more and more excited, calling up to the projection booth asking them to show one clip after another.

Truly a little kid. His long time assistant told me later if Jim could have his way he’d retire from the movie business and just explore oceans and space for the rest of his career. As he’s about to do with this deep dive. He’s amazing. He’s better than Sagan for today’s world.