How does he do these things? And why is he the only one catching them? And why do people keep saying, “We need another Carl Sagan“? We’ve already got one (only better) with him.NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON was on The Daily Show last night and pointed out that the globe in the opening graphic of the show spins the wrong way. Amazing guy. Amazing mistakes that he catches. How does this happen?


I met Neil Degrasse Tyson a year ago at an event in Hollywood. He was as friendly and hilarious as he is on TV. What a great guy. In my book I tell the story of when he first saw the movie “Titanic,” and noticed the stars were wrong in the night sky above the ship as it’s sinking. He mentioned it to James Cameron and eventually the mistake was corrected. (he tells the story HERE.)

Which leaves you wondering how an army of people working on a $100 million movie like “Titanic” can make such a simple gargantuan mistake.

And then he went and did it again last night at the end of his appearance on The Daily Show. Here were his final words with Jon Stewart …

TYSON: Can I tell you something quick?

STEWART: Yes. Tell us something quick.

TYSON: The beginning of your program … your … your earth is spinning the wrong direction.

STEWART (slamming his book down): Son of a bitch!

TYSON: I’m sorry … I just … I had to get that off my chest.