#189) Our New S FACTOR Website

February 2nd, 2012

Make your science video AWESOME!

JOIN US FOR THE NEXT S FACTOR PANEL in Salt Lake City at the Ocean Sciences Meeting, Sunday afternoon, Feb. 19.



If you’re going to the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, don’t forget that if you have a 5 minute video to submit to our S Factor 2 panel. The DEADLINE is tomorrow, February 3rd.  And keep in mind, it’s not a competitive event — we select a wide range of good and not-so-good videos for our analysis. Which means that it means nothing if your video isn’t chosen. It’s just a chance to have the entire group — the panel of three filmmakers, plus the entire audience — talk about your film, which is both fun and productive.

In the meanwhile, HERE’S the new website we’ve put together for this and future S Factor panels.