Yes, I do still have at least some ability to LISTEN …

TIME FOR A NEW NAME. People spoke, I listened. Please join us at the new name: @thebenshi

I swear I love the Twitter and wish I could sit on it all day long Tweeting my brains out. And yet … how in the world does anyone find time for that stuff?

That’s all I can think every time I open up my Tweetdeck. Like the scene in Caddyshack where Rodney says to all the old men in the clubhouse playing poker, “Don’t you people have homes?” (which resonated so deeply with all my childhood friends in Kansas — we grew up in a lake community with a golf course and club house that had the exact same set of old men in the poker room playing cards at all hours of the day and night causing us to say the same thing — don’t you people have homes?).

How do people find the time to sit there and Tweet all day long? I guess maybe they’re at their desks with it open. A different work mode than I.

Oh, well, I do think it’s incredibly cool. And I unfortunately started Tweeting with a major misstep by concocting a long and clumsy name which several people have pointed out to me. So Josh (the 23 yr old filmmaker superstar who runs our Prairie Starfish office at Raleigh Studios) and I have switched it to a more simple name which is, “@thebenshi”

Pleeease join us at this new address, and I promise to try and be more interesting on Twitter this year.