Dorie Barton will be at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake for our session on Feb. 19. No matter what sort of script you’re writing — whether it’s a 5 hour epic or a 5 second film – you need help with it. We all do. You need knowledgeable people who can read your script and give you notes that are based on a solid combination of both instinct and analytical powers. You may have one or two friends for this, but you’ve probably already burned them out. My recommendation is to hire a professional like Dorie.

WANNA TELL A GREAT STORY? You almost certainly will need help. Every movie company knows this. Which is why they hire story consultants. And that’s what Dorie Barton is. But her skills are valuable to more than just Hollywood storytellers. She can bring the same knowledge to all sorts of science films. You can visit her website at



Let me offer up a simple plug here for Dorie Barton’s skills in case you’re involved with making a video. You don’t have to be making a Hollywood feature film for Dorie to be of value. Even if you’re just doing a 3 minute promo piece for your laboratory, you will benefit by trying to tell some sort of story. She can help and guide you with this process of making the story in the script work effectively.

When I first met her a decade ago I knew she was a talented actress. But when I introduced her to a friend with National Geographic’s feature film office and they began hiring her to do script analysis for them I found out she is also an extremely good script and story analyst, which is one of the most sought after skills in Hollywood. As a result I have hired her on several projects to help develop scripts. And this is what she does these days, full time. Here’s her website:

If you are developing a script for a possible video I strongly encourage you to either email her through her website, or just show up at our session at Ocean Sciences (in Salt Lake City on Feb. 19) where you can speak to her at the breaks. Or you can email me for more details on her skills. She’s can do a range of work — for just a hundred dollars you can get a certain amount of her input which could potentially change the entire direction of your project. Script development is the most important part of making a video — if you don’t have a good blueprint to start with, the odds of having a good end product are pretty slim. I strongly encourage you to at least have a phone call with her if you think you could use some writing/development assistance.

The goal of all this stuff is to tell better science stories. A script consultant can play a powerful role in that process.