Going to AGU in S.F.? We’re putting together a really fun event with two of my film school classmates on Tue. Dec. 6



THE S FACTOR PANEL: Okay, we admit, it’s a cheesy title and video, by choice. But the three of us were film school classmates at U.S.C. (class of ’97) and this is going to be a lot of fun. Jason Ensler (the surprise filmmaker) is a long time director in Hollywood (currently producer and director of the popular TNT show, “Franklin and Bash“), Sean is a veteran screenwriter (horror flicks in the franchises of Halloween, The Crow, and a co-writer of the recent “Conan the Barbarian” remake), and me (a guy who dreams of being one of them). I’m really looking forward to it.



We’ll be running a 3 hour workshop on the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 6 in San Francisco at the American Geophysical Union annual conference at the Moscone Convention Center. If you’re planning to attend the meeting, we want you to send us your video of 5 minutes or less. We’ll be choosing 10 of them, each of which will be “workshopped” (our cheesy catchall phrase for the promo video) meaning we’ll show your video to the audience, the three of us will be like American Idol judges, offering up our analysis of what is both good and what could use more work in the video, then we’ll moderate questions and answers with the filmmakers.

It will be an informal, low pressure event — more of a conversation than any sort of formal presentation. And I for one am REALLY looking forward to hearing what my other two panelists have to say — they are smart and creative guys with a great deal of experience.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO ATTEND! Send in your videos by this Friday. For details visit: www.AGUsFactor.org