The climate movement needs to follow in Steve Jobs footsteps, go to India for 7 months, and see if they can grasp the concept of intuition.


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This past Sunday on “60 Minutes” they presented an in-depth look at the recently deceased Steve Jobs through the perspective of his biographer, former Time Magazine editor, Walter Isaacson. He told about one of the key experiences in the life of Jobs. He had been grinding away working at Atari, frustrated. Then he took a leave and spent seven months wandering across India looking for spiritual enlightenment. And he found it.

Isaacson says:

“And when he comes back he says, “The main thing I’ve learned is intuition, that the people of India are not just pure rational thinkers, that the great spiritual ones also have intuition. Likewise, the simplicities of Zen Buddhism, really informed his design sense. That notion that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

He got it. It’s 50% of what mass communication is about. Not knowing every single fact and detail and conveying it, but rather having the intuitive ability to distill it all down into it’s simplest elements.

The entire climate movement needs to take a seven month trip to India and see if they can get a clue about intuition cause they sure ain’t got it so far.