I have said this for a long time — you have to meet irrationality with irrationality. This is a PERFECT example.


American environmentalists, take note. This is how you deal with people you deem irrational, in a likeable manner. You don’t yell at them red faced and accuse them of being guilty of crimes against humanity. You meet them with equal and opposite absurdity. Yes, using humor to deal with them may not seem like a perfect solution, but it’s better than the anger thing that simply doesn’t work and just makes people dislike you even more than the skeptic.



Last year, I recommended that serious scientists and climate activists not engage in serious “debates” with climate skeptics. It just doesn’t make sense to say, “I think you are irrational, but now I’m going to try and use rational thinking to debate you.” If you think someone is irrational, then the thing to do is confront them with an equal and opposite irrational force, such as humor. And that’s exactly what these folks with this Borat piece have done, with a brilliant premise.

The world needs more of this. But unfortunately it seems to originate only with the British and Australians.