It’s a simple film, 20 years later, but it still has a big heart. Now you can view it for free.

Nothing like a little bit of Downeast thinking to help make sense of your needlessly cluttered life.

It only took us 8 months to assemble, but here it finally is, our new website presenting both the entire movie “Salt of the Earth: A Journey to the Heart of Maine Lobster Fisherman,” (you can now view it for FREE!) as well as 14 short video clips from our celebration evening at the University of Maine last fall. In twenty years of making films, I think this is the project I’m most passionate about. We made the film in 1991 but gave it new life last September in a tribute event at the University of Maine. Now we’ve posted the entire movie — both the short version (28 minutes) and the long version (55 minutes) for viewing on this new website, along with 14 short clips (2 to 4 minutes each) from the event.

It was an amazing evening that brought together two very different crowds with members of the fishing community mixing with the university faculty and students. Here’s to the Robbins brothers!