Talk about lighting a fire. Take a look at the video the Norwegian students in our January workshop have produced.


Mission Totally Accomplished!


In January I spent twelve jet lagged/flu virus-clouded days in Tromso, Norway running one of my three-day intensive videomaking workshops. It was the best one ever. We viewed the final cuts of the videos on my last full day there. I left the next morning, then the following night the students showed them to an audience of several hundred at the closing night festivities of the Arctic Frontiers Conference.

What ensued was an avalanche of super-psyched emails as the students decided they wanted to keep the vibe going. They got the university to give them some funds to make a video to promote their graduate program. They sent me a few drafts of the script. I gave some input. And here it is. And it ROCKS!

THIS is the kind of science filmmaking I’m talking about. Way to go Norwegians! You’ve made me proud of my heritage (my paternal grandfather emigrated to the U.S. from somewhere around Oslo).