The ducks (and lobsters) are lining up for the big “Salt of the Earth” tribute screening at University of Maine’s Collins Art Center on Wednesday, September 22. If you live anywhere close to Orono you really should make the trek to the campus for the show. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

On Friday we did an hour on the radio for WERU’s Talk of the Town show. The two lobster fishermen¬†brothers, Brian and Stevie Robbins were in the studio in Blue Hill, while my buddy Ed Leydecker (who played a pivotal role in making the film happen — he’s also the sound man who asks the question of the poker players at the end of “Flock of Dodos”) and I joined in via phone. It was amazing hearing the voice of Stevie Robbins, now 67, live for the first time in 19 years after having listened to his voice in the film for so many years.

There’s going to be live music, including some surprise performers, plenty of discussion and a whole lot of good times. Hope to see you there!