I did a guest blog post yesterday on Joe Romm’s blog, Climate Progress, about the awesome Opinion paper in Nature from my friends Jennifer Jacquet (former co-blogger), Jeremy Jackson, Paul Dayton and Daniel Pauly. What an all-star line up for a single paper. It’s a GREAT paper, unless you work for the Marine Stewardship Council and are now fearing for your job because of it.

Also, this just in — a few weeks ago I took part in a conference call about global warming with the folks at The Nature Conservancy which they transcribed and posted (it starts on page 8 in their Science Chronicles publication). Interestingly they chose as their climate scientist the feisty Dr. Judy Curry.

And lastly, I’m up to my neck in pulling together over 50 old black and white photos from the decade 1937-1947 that my crazy mother, Muffy Moose, has unearthed in preparation for the talk she is going to give next weekend when we’re in Wichita. She has so many photos of her with different boyfriends during the war years that I’m thinking maybe it’s time for me to get a DNA test to make sure my father really is my father.

A few years ago, when she starred in my movie, “Flock of Dodos,” she had fun telling everyone, “It took me 83 years to become a movie star!” Now she can add to that — it took her 86 years to become a public speaker — this is going to be the first public presentation of her life!

Das Benshi shall be on hiatus for a couple weeks, probably resurfacing on or around September 15. Happy Labor Day!