A couple of weeks ago I attended the strange and pointless global warming “debate” in Hollywood staged by carmaker Lexus at a bar, moderated by comedian Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live. I had a hard time taking it seriously in my account of it.

This week they are getting ready for the next installment — this time in Chicago, moderated by noted academician Mark McGrath of the once hot band, “Sugar Ray,” (of “Spread Your Wings and Fly,” “fame”).

THIS WEEK’S LEXUS CLIMATE “DEBATE” LINE UP FOR CHICAGO: For the climate community, David Roberts of Grist Magazine, for the skeptics, Steve Everley of conservative group American Solutions, and moderating the whole mess, Marky Mark McGrath.

Climate blogger Joe Romm has already uncorked his critical skills on the absurdity of the “debates,” and I largely agree, though there is one bright side to this event.

The pro-climate science side will feature one of the rising voices of the environmental world, David Roberts of Grist Magazine. I am of the general opinion that given the clownish nature of the climate skeptics (particularly when they feign concern for the poor who will supposedly be neglected by too much carbon worry) and given the clownish nature of the venue (a cacophonous bar with a drunken mob, as was the case in L.A.), I can really only recommend that the climate science crowd devalue the event by offering up a stand-up comic who knows the basic talking points (and there are plenty of these, starting with people like Bill Maher and Dana Gould).

But if there has to be a legitimate climate voice (and you know that given the lure of all expense paid travel and hanging with celebrities they would eventually find someone), I think David Roberts is the best shot. I’m hoping to talk a couple of Chicago friends into attending and giving me their take which I will relate here if they do.